Polka Explosion photos

Polka Party Tonight!

Join us for a polka party tonight! The Bulky Rhythm Boys are opening up for The Polkaholics® and we will even join forces to create a super polka band explosion! The Bulky Rhythm Boys feature Nate "KOAP" Pritt on trumpet, Walt Howard on golden clarinet, Roland Schuetz on alto sax, Stuart Olsen on tenor banjo, Kurt Bonamer on tuba, Bill Riddle on drumset, and yours truly on piano accordion!

The show starts at 9:00 PM at Phyllis' Musical Inn, 1800 W. Division Street in Chicago, IL.


Polka Rehearsal

Looking forward to our POLKA PARTY show this Saturday with The Polkaholics!

Battle Of The Polka Bands!

We are excited to be a part of this show! Our polka band, now called The Bulky Rhythm Boys, will be opening for The Polkaholics May 13! We are doing mostly traditional polkas with brass, winds, accordion, and tenor banjo, while they play rocking' versions of polkas on guitar! It's a win-win situation! Hope to see you there.


Alhambra Palace April 2017

Flat Cats at Alhambra Palace with Fred Cantu sitting in.